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Hulk Hands Box

Made a box for my little hulk I had laying around at home. It is based on the original hulk hands that I have always wanted (sorry comic nerd). Went through a few stages of brainstorming and design to come up with my final design. I was able to design, print, and build my packaging which makes me very proud of my work.

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Barney’s Room

This is a room design that I made in grade 12 using Google Sketch-Up. I designed it to be a modern room with lots of leather and metals. I also incorporated some of my own favourite things such as transformers, Star Wars and The Marvel Universe.

Sketchup Barneys room 2D version

Sketchup Barneys room sketch version

Sketchup Barneys room 3D version

Star Wars Battle of the Stars

The Epic Battle

Disney¬†has made a new announcement about their upcoming films to continue the Star Wars Saga. This was inspired by just that. I wanted to remember all the great memories I once had and decided to create a whole scene called “The Epic Battle”. This battle includes the Rebel Alliance taking on the Galactic Empire’s space station known as the Death Star. I took this out of the original motion picture of Star Wars Episode 4 : A New Hope.


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