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Can-my Cookies

Here is a packaging idea for cookie based products. We came up with an idea of using a cardboard tube with a drawer-like tray that can be pulled out and reused. The cookies remain intact and protected as well as fresh and portable.


The Marriage Proposal

By Anton Chekov

Taken place in 1920’s, a 30-year-old farmer named Ivan Vassilovitch built up the courage to ask his neighbour, Natalia Alexandrovna, for her hand in marriage. He attempts to do so, yet constantly gets caught up in simple arguments that only push them farther apart.

In this version of the play, Riley Gelfand plays Ivan Vassilovitch and Jessica Singer plays Natalia Alexandrovna. An honorable mention to Rose Karbasi, the third and final actor, as well as, Daniel Sarkisian and Jeanne Park my co-directors.


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