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Digging Dog

That must be one BIG bone!


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Tiger Cave Temple

This was one of the most self-reflecting moments of my entire life. Walking up 1260 steps, up to a temple overlooking an amazing view of mountains and farmlands. The steps were made out of concrete but the size ranged from larger to smaller at random. I admitted I was tired after the first 400 steps. Then, at the 800th step, I asked myself “Why am I doing this?”. At the 1000th step, I started to reflect on my life and where I was headed. I recommend anyone and everyone to try this. There were people ages 4 to 84 walking up the steps and all of them made it up sooner or later.

So what’s your excuse?


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The Park Tree


Barcelona, Spain

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Beach Travels

Ice Storm of 2013

Pyro Addict

I really like fire. Yes, I would call myself a Pyro addict. Yes, my parents told me not to play with fire. No, I don’t play with fire all the time (usually only on camping trips or at the cottage). Yes, my favorite colour is red. And yes, they do look pretty bad ass.


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Bamboo Jungle Trek

While in the Jungle House Lodge in Thailand, my family and I went on a jungle hike with our amazing guide Kim. He took us throughout the national park and brought us to the riverbed where he made a fire and served us tea, coffee, and hot chocolate using solely bamboo. Then, he proceeded to make noodle soup and corn over the fire and sliced up mango t o put on a serving plate made of bamboo. He made cups, bowls, spoons, and even showed us how to use a slingshot.

Check out some picture from our adventure here:

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Boating in the Rain

On our Family trip to Thailand, we spent one night in a hut along the water in the middle of nowhere. Felt like a step up from camping in Algonquin but a little less than car camping. On our way back from the trip, we were boating for about an hour through the rain and it was a lot of fun. We had to stop along the sides of the riverbank because the winds were strong enough to tip the boat.


Check out some pictures here from this amazing journey:

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Elephants in Thailand

During my trip to Thailand during the month of May in 2016, my family and I travelled to an elephant retirement park in the outskirts of Chang Mai. They adopt elephants that have been abandoned or mistreated by their owners and give them a safe and healthy environment as I have experienced.  We spent the day swimming, bathing, massaging and feeding Asian elephants of all sizes. Made some new friends from all over the world and reminisced in the beauty of these animals.

Here are some of the pictures of this amazing experience:

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