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The Park Tree


Barcelona, Spain

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Ice Storm of 2013

Pyro Addict

I really like fire. Yes, I would call myself a Pyro addict. Yes, my parents told me not to play with fire. No, I don’t play with fire all the time (usually only on camping trips or at the cottage). Yes, my favorite colour is red. And yes, they do look pretty bad ass.


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Bamboo Jungle Trek

While in the Jungle House Lodge in Thailand, my family and I went on a jungle hike with our amazing guide Kim. He took us throughout the national park and brought us to the riverbed where he made a fire and served us tea, coffee, and hot chocolate using solely bamboo. Then, he proceeded to make noodle soup and corn over the fire and sliced up mango t o put on a serving plate made of bamboo. He made cups, bowls, spoons, and even showed us how to use a slingshot.

Check out some picture from our adventure here:

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