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Thai Temples

The beauty presented by Thai temples all across Thailand is amazing. There are thousands of different temples with their own unique qualities and taste, yet maintain the same idea and traditions. These are only a few examples of how magnificent and exquisite these temples are.

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Raining Truck Ride

Sitting on the back of a truck in the middle of a rain storm because the bridge across the river got taken out by the heavy downpour.

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Trip to Paris

Beach Travels

Nathan Phillip Square

Went to a concert during the Pan/Am games at Nathan Phillip Square with my girlfriend and parents. it was really cool and a lot of fun. took some interesting shots but the third one is by far my favorite. didn’t know they made balloons like that. Might have to get one for my room.

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Bamboo Jungle Trek

While in the Jungle House Lodge in Thailand, my family and I went on a jungle hike with our amazing guide Kim. He took us throughout the national park and brought us to the riverbed where he made a fire and served us tea, coffee, and hot chocolate using solely bamboo. Then, he proceeded to make noodle soup and corn over the fire and sliced up mango t o put on a serving plate made of bamboo. He made cups, bowls, spoons, and even showed us how to use a slingshot.

Check out some picture from our adventure here:

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